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The European Parliament’s LUX Prize

1.  Class Enemy / Rok Bicek, Slovenia
2.  Girlhood / Celine Sciamma, France
3.  Ida / Paweł Pawlikowski, Poland

What is the LUX Prize?
Established in 2007, the LUX Prize is a film prize awarded each year by the European Parliament. The LUX Prize pursues two main objectives: spotlighting the public debate on Europe, and supporting circulation of European co-productions within the Union. Indeed, distribution is “the Achilles’ heel” of European cinema, weakeaned by language barriers. The LUX Prize aims at overcoming them. The LUX Prize has helped European films to reach a wider audience by supporting their subtitling and distribution. Through the LUX Prize, the European Parliament supports cultural diversity and helps building bridges among Europeans.

What are the LUX Film Days?
Screenings of the 3 films of the LUX Prize Official Competition across all 28 European countries during the same period of time: autumn 2014. For the LUX Film Days, as part of the LUX Prize, the 3 films of the Competition are subtitled in the 24 official languages of the European Union. The aim is to share the diversity and richness of European cinema with the largest number of Europeans possible and to debate the topics depicted by the films of the LUX Prize 2014. The subjects raised by these films are common to all of us, they tell our stories, touch our emotions, and address issues we all face.

How are the films selected?
The films are selected by a group of film industry professionals who form the Selection Panel. The 3 films of the Official Competition are the outcome of the Selection Panel’s choice. The laureate is decided and awarded by the Members of the European Parliament. This year, the award will take place on 17 December.

What is the Public Mention?
The Public Mention is the people’s choice. It is your opportunity to elect your favourite LUX film or theme. Simply visit our website or Facebook page and express your point of view. The result of the Public Mention is announced at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in July 2015. It symbolically closes the current LUX Prize edition and gives way to the new one – with the unveiling of the new 10 films of the Official Selection 2015. Watch, debate and vote!