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Stelios Tatasopoulos

1932 Social Decay
1952 Black Soil
1954 Women without Men
1959 Love in Installments
1963 The Rascals
1965 The Great Oath
1966 Prisoners of Destiny
1967 Wild Passions
1969 The Sacrifice of a Woman
1969 In the Shadow of God
1971 Hot cold and upside down
1972 If Only I Were Rich!

He was born in Constantinople in 1908. His cinema debut in 1928 almost coincides with the beginnings of Greek cinema. He studied theater under Dimitris Rondiris, Emilios Veakis and Dimitris Giannidis, and Film at the DAG FILM School of the Giaziadis Brothers in Athens. He was the first Greek to study cinema abroad, at the Cine Essor Theater and Cinema Acting School and Studios in Paris. In 1943, he founded the Greek Cinema Artists’ Guild. He directed 27 films in total and produced (or co-produced) 19 of them. He died in 2000.

100 years of Greek Cinema

Social Decay / Stelios Tatasopoulos

Dinos Vristhenis, a penniless former student at the University of Athens, has dropped out because of financial difficulties and is job hunting. He manages to find employment as an actor in a theater company, where he meets and falls in love with Nicky, the leading actress. When she is swept off her feet by an industrialist who promises her a bright future, Dinos is disillusioned and abandons the theater. Poverty drives him to join the ranks of the working class and to get a job as a laborer in the tobacco industry to earn his living. Confronted with the exploitation of the workers, he becomes a founding member of a workers’ union and takes the lead in the struggle for social justice, with complete disregard for ruthless police persecution. He goes to prison and, when he is released, he denounces his past and resolves to fight against social decay.

Director:Stelios Tatasopoulos
Script:Stelios Tatasopoulos
Cinematography:Michalis Gaziadis
Art Direction:Costas Logariastakis
Make up:Kimon Spathopoulos
With:Stelios Tatasopoulos, Danai Grizou, Anastassios Kefalas, Joly Garbi, Keti Εconomou, Spyros Lafazanos, Yorgos Kavoukidis, Yorgos Mouchtouris, Costas Logariastakis, Eleni Lavda, Nikos Spyrou, Gerasimos Arsenis, Niki Pappa, Rika Karouzaki, Kimon Spathopoulos
World Sales:Greek Film Archive T. +30 210 3609 695
Production:Fyzio Film
Production Country:Greece
Format:Silent DigiBeta B&W
Production Year:1932
The film will be screened to the accompaniment of live music, written and performed by Haris Gatzoflias (piano, percussion, accordion), with Miguel Michailidis on the violin.

Screening Schedule
PAVLOS ZANNAS:Saturday, November 01, 2014 - 24:00 | ID:128