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Focus on New Austrian Films

Austrian cinema has a long tradition of constantly reinventing itself, evolving, and contributing important auteurs to the international film scene. For many years, the TIFF has been observing the developments taking place in Austrian cinema and showcasing filmmakers who warrant the public’s attention. This year we will be presenting the younger voices of Austrian cinema; film directors who express our era with a bold and fresh outlook. Their films are realistic and convey stories which highlight issues such as consumerism, coming of age, and immigration. What’s more, they have no qualms about tackling more complex topics, including foreign policy, violence and war zones. Through our Spotlight on New Austrian Films, the audience will discover a new generation of filmmakers who possess an original way of seeing, stylistic integrity and – above all – sincerity and the personal viewpoint of the auteur.

1.  Chucks / Sabine Hiebler, Gerhard Ertl, Austria
2.  Gruber Is Leaving / Marie Kreutzer, Austria
3.  Jack / Elisabeth Scharang, Austria
4.  One of Us / Stephan Richter, Austria
5.  Thank You for Bombing / Barbara Eder, Αustria