Youth Screen

The 56th Thessaloniki IFF, as  part of its annual educational  program, presents a selection of fiction and  animation films intended for eleme-ntary and high school students. Films from around the world that stand out for their artistic integrity will be screened with an aim to incorporate the art of cinema into the learning process, and to develop an interactive, open and enduring relationship between schoolchildren and the world of film.

1.  Acid Space / Stefano Bertelli, Italy
2.  Birds of Passage / Olivier Ringer, Belgium-France
3.  Fiddlesticks / Veit Helmer, Germany
4.  Juan and the Cloud / Giovanni Maccelli, Spain
5.  My Skinny Sister / Sanna Lenken, Sweden
6.  Operation Arctic / Grethe Bøe-Waal, Norway
7.  Still Got Lives_ / Jan-Gerrit Seyler, Germany
8.  The Chicken / Una Gunjak, Germany-Croatia
9.  The Missing Scarf / Eoin Duffy, Ireland
10.  Transparency / Daniel Šuljić, Croatia