Veit Helmer
Youth Screen

Fiddlesticks / Veit Helmer

Bollersdorf is average. Its citizens take great pride in being average and go to great lengths to remain average. The children of Bollersdorf have had a bellyful of average and with the help of their pet coati they set about freeing their grandparents from the local old folks’ home. A hilarious caper ensues to create a new world record, put Bollersdorf on the map and make it a center of technology.

Director:Veit Helmer
Script:Veit Helmer
Cinematography:Felix Leiberg
Editing:Vincent Assmann
Music:Malcolm Arison, Cherilyn MacNeil, Lars Löhn
With:Benno Fürmann (animal catcher), Fritzi Haberland (Elke), Alexander Scheer (market researcher), Rolf Zacher (record judge)
World Sales:Veit Helmer-Filmproduktion, Germany T. +49 30 217 7777
Production Design:Anne Zentgraf
Producer:Veit Helmer
Production:Veit Helmer-Filmproduktion, Germany
Production Country:Germany
Format:DCP Color
Production Year:2014
Awards :
Best Children’s Film – German FF Ludwigshafen 2015, Germany
Audience Award – Zurich FF 2015, Switzerland
Best Feature Film – Cinemagic Festival Belfast, UK
Audience Award – Listapad Festival Minsk 2015, Belarus
Audience Award – Juniorfest Plzen 2015, Czech Republic
Audience Award – Gijon FF 2015, Spain
Special Mention – Leeds Juniorfest: First Cut Marburg 2015, UK
Best Children’s Film – Traverse City 2015, USA
Best Children’s Film – Belice IFF 2015, Italy
Screening Schedule
STAVROS TORNES:Wednesday, November 11, 2015 - 11:00 | ID:562