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70 Years of Greek Animation

Unraveling the thread of the future
The creative journey of Greek Animation numbers seventy years, having produced a remarkable body of work in almost all techniques, categories and film genres, winning major awards and distinctions at festivals and competitions in Greece and internationally. The story of animation began in Greece in 1942, during the German occupation, with the filmIl Duce Narrates, which was drawn by the cartoonist Stamatis Polenakis in his island home of Sifnos. It was screened in 1945, following the country’s liberation. In this anti-fascist satire, Benito Mussolini is shown using lies to cover up his defeat by the Greeks in World War II. The program selected for the Festival comprises a panorama of 40 short films which covers 70 years of Greek animation, clearly illustrating the evolutionary path andmaturation of the aesthetic and thematic pursuits of Greek animation artists, as well as the improvements of the technicalmeans used to express them. Over these 70 years,much has changed for the better and the achievements of animation filmmakers and producers, as well as the achievements of education, are most impressive for such a small country. The only thing that has not been accomplished is for Greek animation to find its place in the world market of television, film theaters and video games. Such an accomplishment would contribute decisively to the enhancement of the national economy, to an increase in jobs, to a decrease in emigration and to the broader dissemination of Greek culture. We believe that this anniversary will constitute a landmark and create a new beginning – in terms of mentality – for achieving even the most difficult goal!
Angelos Rouvas
Administrator ASIFA HELLAS

1.  35 X 50 / Spyros Rassidakis
2.  70 Years of Greek Animation #1 / Various
3.  70 Years of Greek Animation #2 / Various
4.  A Portrait / Aristotelis Marangos
5.  Abeyance / Eleni Miltsi
6.  Apodemy / Katerina Athanasopoulou
7.  Birds / Angelos Spartalis
8.  Bloody Mary / Zina Papadopoulos
9.  Brats & Rats / Manolis Kapazoglou, Alexandros Michalopoulos
10.  Bulb / Alexandra Papagianni
11.  Cicada and Ant / Alecos Papadatos
12.  Cosmos / Dimitris Karathanassis
13.  Dawn / Nikos Dimitriadis
14.  Deconstruction / Spyros Pantazis
15.  Dinner for Few / Nassos Vakalis
16.  Eight Minute Deadline / Zina Papadopoulos, Petros Papadopoulos
17.  Erebus / Georgios Cherouvim
18.  Fish / Denis Constantinou
19.  Frics / Eleni Tsambra
20.  Il Duce Narrates… / Stamatis Polenakis
21.  Ismus / Constantinos Demis
22.  Knight / Thanassis Radolgou
23.  Man in a Box / Elias Papastamatiou
24.  Mariza / Constantine Krystallis
25.  Modern Life / Constantinos Peppas
26.  Morning Awakening / Natalia Kostopoulou
27.  My Mother’s Coat / Marie-Margaux Tsakiri-Scanatovits
28.  My Stuffed Granny / Effie Pappa
29.  Scent of City / Yorgos Sifianos
30.  Shhhh / Thodoros Maragos
31.  Short Program / Dimitris Papadopoulos
32.  Star System / Spyros Siakas
33.  The Fountain of Youth / Panagiotis Rappas
34.  The Girl on the Wall / Gavril Psaltakis
35.  The History of Mankind in 1 minute / Andreas Vakalios
36.  The Hole / Iordanis Ananiadis
37.  The Holy Chicken of Life and Music / Nomint
38.  The Line / Yannis Koutsouris, Nassos Mirmiridis
39.  The Ordeal / Katerina Avraam
40.  The Village / Stelios Polychronakis
41.  Walk / Stratos Stassinos
42.  Why Can’t You Just See Me? / Eleni Tomadaki