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Gabriel Tzafka

​He graduated from the Film School of Thessaloniki’s Aristotle University
in 2010, with an MA in Film Directing. Since 2013 he has been a member
of Super16 #8/Nordisk Film and a member of the Danish Film Directors’
Association. He is currently living and working in Copenhagen.

Award-Winning Greek Films of the 2015 Short Film Festival in Drama

Euroman / Gabriel Tzafka

​Euroman is happy. His wealthy father and kind mother are proud of him. The bank loves him. He loves stylish clothes, fancy restaurants and cyber dates. He is running his own business, an innovative, environmentally friendly and awarded start-up company. But the coffee is over and the noisy demonstration disturbs him while he is having his beard taken care of by an elegant barber. All this goes on while he prepares for a reunion with his friends, the Euromen.

Director:Gabriel Tzafka
Script:Gabriel Tzafka, Laura Madsen
Cinematography:Jonas Berlin
Editing:Mik Stampe
Sound:Asbjorn Derdau
Art Direction:Anne Oddershede
With:Jens Saetter Lassen, Ana Stokholm, Silke Birranel, Mie Jacobsen
Producer:Kirstine Barfod
Production:Killit Films
Production Country:Denmark-Greece
Format:DCP Color
Production Year:2015
Silver Dionysus
Special Mention
Best South and Eastern European Film
Best Screenplay Award – 21st Athens International Film Festival

With the support of the GFC 

Screened in Award-Winning Greek Films at the 2015 International Short Film Festival in Drama #2 / Various