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Manolis Mavris

​He was born in Athens in 1987.Coming from an art and visual communication background, he started his career by working at the installation of the Greek artwork at the Venice Biennale. He moved on to animation and worked on several TV commercials and short films in Greece. He then furthered his studies at Central Saint Martins College in London, where he moved to direction and completed his first short film, Blue Train. Blue Trainwas nominated as Best of British at the Leeds IFF 2014 and had its American premiere at the Los Angeles Greek FF in June 2015. He has worked on English TV series (BBC’s SherlockHolmes) and has directed music videos and commercials in both London and Athens.

Award-Winning Greek Films of the 2015 Short Film Festival in Drama

Blue Train / Manolis Mavris

​Thirty-year-old Liam, pervaded by a feeling of childhood nostalgia, takes a trip in time, in his phobias and memories, in order to find his true identity and his utopian past. The passengers who visit him whilst on the train of memories are key characters from his life who have played a decisive role in shaping his personality. The train is a non-place, where reality meets fiction. This is a trip towards Liam’s unreachable goal, ending in him embracing himself and his past.

Director:Manolis Mavris
Script:Manolis Mavris
Cinematography:Phil Moreton
Editing:Manolis Mavris, Panagiotis Papagiannopoulos
Sound:Panagiotis Papagiannopoulos
Music:Alexandros Kavadas, Paul Tyan
Art Direction:Eva Goulakou
With:Jordan Mallory Skinner, Samuel Glassborow, Andrew McDonald, Catherine McDonough, Mellisanthi Mahut
Producer:Myrto & Mando Stathi
Production:Stathi Twins Productions
Production Country:Greece-UK
Format:DCP Color
Production Year:2014