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Mircea Daneliuc

1970 Wharf (short)
1970 Scurtcircuit(short)
1970 Wharf
1972 Dus-întors/ Roundtrip (short)
1975 Cursa/The Ride
1977 Editie specială/Special Issue/
1980 Proba de microfon/Microphone Test
1980 Vînătoarea de vulpi/Foxhunting
1981 Croaziera/The Cruise
1984 Glissando
1988 Iacob
1991 A unsprezecea poruncă/ The Eleventh Commandment
1992 Tusea şi junghiul/The Toothless War
1993 Patul conjugal/Intimate Bed
1994 Această lehamite/Fed Up/Αγανάκτηση
1995 Senatorul melcilor/The Snails’ Senator
2003 Ambasadori, căutăm patrie/Ambassadors Seek Country
2005 Sistemul nervos/The Nervous System
2008 Legiunea străină/The Foreign Legion
2008 Marilena
2009 Cele ce plutesc/Floating Things

Born in 1943 in Hotin (nowadays part of Ukraine), Daneliuc studied French Philology at the University of Iasi, followed by Film Directing at the Bucharest Film and Theater Academy, from where he graduated in 1972. Besides his directing career which encompasses 17 features (of which he wrote 16) and 11 film roles, Daneliuc is a gifted novelist, playwright (8 plays), theater director (4 plays) and actor. Mircea Daneliuc is considered one of the most important Romanian artists, author of subversive films which evaded the communist censorship, films filled with dark humor and unrelenting satire about a sick society ruled by absurd laws; films based on reality and the director's own disappointments.

Mircea Daneliuc Tribute

Microphone Test / Mircea Daneliuc

Luiza and Nelu, a reporter and a cameraman, are in a relationship. One day, they are sent to the North Train Station to interview some felons. There, Nelu meets Ani, one of the felons, and tries to spare her during the shoot, wishing also to date her afterwards. Jobless, without parents and papers, Ani is engaged in a permanent hunt for money to support her alcoholic brother.

Director:Mircea Daneliuc
Script:Mircea Daneliuc
Cinematography:Ion Marinescu
Editing:Maria Neagu
With:Tora Vasilescu, Mircea Daneliuc, Gina Patrichi
World Sales:Arhiva Naţională de Film, Romania T. +40 21 313 4904
Producer:Eugen Mandric
Production:Casa de filme 1, Romania
Production Country:Romania
Format:DCP Color
Production Year:1980
Screening Schedule
STAVROS TORNES:Saturday, November 07, 2015 - 13:00 | ID:163
STAVROS TORNES:Monday, November 09, 2015 - 18:00 | ID:365