Laszlo Nemes

2007 Türelem/ With a Little Patience (short)
2008 The Counterpart (short)
2010 The Gentleman Takes His Leave (short)
2015 Saul Fia/ Son of Saul

​He was born in 1977 in Budapest, Hungary. After studying history, international relations and screenwriting in Paris, he started working as an assistant director in France and Hungary on short and feature films. For two years, he worked as Béla Tarr’s assistant and subsequently studied Film Directing in Νew Υork. Son of Saul is his first feature.

Special Screenings

Son of Saul / Laszlo Nemes

October 1944, Auschwitz-Birkenau. Saul Ausländer is a Hungarian member of the sonderkommando, the group of Jewish prisoners isolated from the camp and forced to assist the Nazis in the machinery of large-scale extermination. While working in one of the crematoriums, Saul discovers the corpse of a boy he takes for his son. As the Sonderkommando plans a rebellion, Saul decides to carry out an impossible task: save the child’s body from the flames, find a rabbi to recite the mourner’s Kaddish and offer the boy a proper burial.

Director:Laszlo Nemes
Script:László Nemes, Clara Royer
Cinematography:Μátyás Εrdély
Editing:Matthieu Taponier
Sound:Tamás Zányi
Music:László Melis
With:Géza Röhrig (Saul Ausländer), Levente Molnár (Ábrahám), Urs Rechn (Oberkapo Biederman), Todd Charmont (bearded man), Sándor Zsotér (doctor)
World Sales:Films Distribution, France Τ.+33 1 5310 3399 F.+33 1 5310 3398
Distribution in Greece:Filmtrade Vassilis Sourapas T. +30 210 6981 083-4 F. +30 210 6983 430
Production Design:László Rajk
Producer:Gábor Sipos, Gábor Rajna
Production:Laokoon Filmgroup, Hungary Τ.+36 1 3540 491 F.+36 1 3540 492
Production Country:Hungary
Format:DCP Color
Production Year:2015
Grand Prize of the Jury, FIPRESCI Prize, François Chalais Award, Vulcain Prize (for the outstanding contribution of sound to the narration) – Cannes IFF 2015, France
Special Jury Prize – Sarajevo IFF 2015, Bosnia-Herzegovina
Screening Schedule
OLYMPION:Saturday, November 07, 2015 - 20:00 | ID:116