Open Horizons

  This year’s “Open Horizons,” the Festival’s segment where the heart of international independent cinema beats, offers a film experience that is truly riveting.
  Accomplished filmmakers as well as world cinema’s new talent contribute to a rich crop of films, which stand out for their pioneering, bold viewpoint. In this year’s “Open Horizons” program, we come across film directors who are familiar names in Indie Cinema, such as Alex Ross Perry (USA), Małgorzata Szumowska (Poland), Santiago Mitre (Argentina), Catherine Corsini (France), Michel Franco (Mexico) and Joachim Trier (Norway). Alongside them, newcomer directors present their feature debuts, which drew attention and garnered distinctions at international film festivals; among them, Jayro Bustamante (Guatemala), Marielle Heller (USA), Carlos M. Quintela (Cuba), Alfonso Gomez-Rejon (USA), Sergi Pérez (Spain) and Trey Edward Shults (USA).
  The filmmakers featured in the “Open Horizons” selection experiment with film, subvert stereotypes and propose a restless cinema which enlists an extremely appealing thematic and stylistic palette. Through their films, they invite the viewer to become a fellow traveler along new cinematic roads and to discover stories and images that will fascinate.
​Dimitri Eipides

1.  7 Chinese Brothers / Bob Byington, USA
2.  A Very Ordinary Citizen / Μajid Barzegar, Iran-Czech Republic
3.  Arabian Nights (Volume I) [The Restless One] / Miguel Gomes, Portugal-France-Germany-Switzerland
4.  Arabian Nights (Volume II) [The Desolate One] / Miguel Gomes, Portugal-France-Germany-Switzerland
5.  Arabian Nights (Volume III) [The Enchanted One] / Miguel Gomes, Portugal-France-Germany-Switzerland
6.  Astragal / Brigitte Sy, France
7.  Blue Blood / Lírio Ferreira, Brazil
8.  Body / Małgorzata Szumowska, Poland
9.  Children / Jaro Vojtek, Slovakia-Czech Republic
10.  Chronic / Michel Franco, Mexico-France
11.  Drifters / Peter Grönlund, Sweden
12.  Eva Doesn’t Sleep / Pablo Agüero, France-Argentina-Spain
13.  French Blood / Diastème, France
14.  In Your Arms / Samanou A. Sahlstrøm, Denmark-Germany
15.  Ixcanul Volcano / Jayro Bustamante, Guatemala-France
16.  Koza / Ivan Ostrochovský, Slovakia-Czech Republic
17.  Krisha / Trey Edward Shults, USA
18.  La tierra roja / Diego Martinez Vignatti, Belgium-Argentina
19.  Land of Mine / Martin Pieter Zandvliet, Denmark-Germany
20.  Last Cab to Darwin / Jeremy Sims, Australia
21.  Let Them Come / Salem Brahimi, France-Algeria
22.  Light Years / Esther May Campbell, UK
23.  Looking for Grace / Sue Brooks, Australia
24.  Louder Than Bombs / Joachim Trier, Norway-France-Denmark
25.  Madame Courage / Merzak Allouache, Algeria-France
26.  Me and Earl and the Dying Girl / Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, USA
27.  Mountain / Yaelle Kayam, Israel-Denmark
28.  Neon Bull / Gabriel Mascaro, Brazil
29.  One Breath / Christian Zübert, Germany-Greece
30.  Paulina / Santiago Mitre, Argentina-Brazil-France
31.  Queen of Earth / Alex Ross Perry, USA
32.  Rising Voices / Bénédicte Liénard, Mary Jimenez, Belgium
33.  Sabali / Ryan McKenna, Canada
34.  Song of Songs / Eva Neymann, Ukraine
35.  Summertime / Catherine Corsini, France
36.  The Diary of a Teenage Girl / Marielle Heller, USA
37.  The Here After / Magnus von Horn, Sweden-Poland-France
38.  The Long Way Home / Sergi Pérez, Spain
39.  The Second Mother / Anna Muylaert, Brazil
40.  Tikkun / Avishai Sivan, Israel
41.  Very Big Shot / Mir-Jean Bou Chaaya, Lebanon-Qatar
42.  Victoria / Sebastian Schipper, Germany