Anna Muylaert

1995 A Origem dos Bebês Segundo Kiki Cavalcanti (short)
2002 Durval Discos/Durval Records
2009 É proibido fumar/Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
2012 Chamada a Cobrar/Collect Call
2015 Que Horas Ela Volta?/The Second Mother

She is a Brazilian screenwriter and television and film director. After studying Filmmaking at the School of Communications and Arts at the University of São Paulo (USP), she became a film critic for Isoté and O Estado de S. Paulo, and in 1988 she joined the staff of Rede Gazeta’s program TV Mix. She directed six short films before directing her first feature film, Durval Discos (2002), winner of seven awards at the Gramado Film Festival. In 2009 she directed her second feature film, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, winner of over 30 national awards.

Open Horizons

The Second Mother / Anna Muylaert

Val, a hard-working live-in housekeeper in modern-day Sao Paulo, is perfectly content to take care of every one of her wealthy employers’ needs, from cooking and cleaning to being a surrogate mother to their teenage son, whom she has raised since he was a toddler. But when Val’s estranged daughter Jessica suddenly shows up, the unspoken but intrinsic class barriers that exist within the home are thrown into disarray. Jessica is smart, confident, and ambitious, and refuses to accept the upstairs/downstairs dynamic, testing relationships and loyalties and forcing everyone to reconsider what family really means.

Director:Anna Muylaert
Script:Anna Muylaert
Cinematography:Barbara Alvarez
Editing:Karen Harley
Sound:Miriam Biderman, Ricardo Reis
Music:Fabio Trummer, Vitor Araujo
Costumes:Andre Simonetti, Claudia Kopke
With:Regina Casé (Val), Michel Joelsas (Fabinho), Camila Márdila (Jessica), Karine Teles (Barbara), Lourenço Mutarelli (Carlos)
World Sales:The Match Factory, Germany T. +49 30 443 190 520 F. +49 30 443 190 530
Distribution in Greece:Feelgood Entertainment T. +30 211 996 7000
Production Design:Marcos Pedroso, Thales Junqueira
Producer:Fabiano Gullane, Caio Gullane, Debora Ivanovand, Anna Muylaert
Production:Gullane, Brazil T. +55 11 5084
Production Country:Brazil
Co-production:Globo Filmes, Brazil
Format:DCP Color
Production Year:2015
Special Jury Prize for Acting – Sundance IFF 2015, USA
Audience Award (Panorama) – Berlin IFF 2015, Germany
Screening Schedule
JOHN CASSAVETES:Saturday, November 07, 2015 - 19:30 | ID:156
TONIA MARKETAKI:Sunday, November 15, 2015 - 22:00 | ID:937