Catherine Corsini

1987 Poker
2000 La Répétition/Replay
2006 Les Ambitieux/Ambitious
2009 Partir/Leaving
2012 Trois mondes/Three Worlds
2015 La Belle saison/Summertime

She is a French actress, screenwriter and director. After following courses with Antoine Vitez and Michel Bouquet at the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in Paris, she shot her first feature film, Poker, in 1987. This was followed by Interdit d’amour, Les Amoureux and Replay, the two latter being selected at Cannes. Her films Les Ambitieux, Leaving and Three Worlds also screened at Cannes, in the Un Certain Regard section.

Open Horizons

Summertime / Catherine Corsini

1971. Delphine, the daughter of farmers, moves to Paris to break free from the shackles of her family and to gain her financial independence. Carole is a Parisian, living with Manuel, actively involved in the stirrings of the feminist movement. Their encounter turns their lives upside down.

Director:Catherine Corsini
Script:Catherine Corsini, Laurette Polmanss
Cinematography:Jeanne Lapoirie
Editing:Frédéric Baillehaiche
Sound:Olivier Mauvezin, Benoît Hillebrant, Thomas Gauder
Music:Grégoire Hetzel
Costumes:Jürgen Doering
With:Izïa Higelin (Delphine), Cécile de France (Carole), Noémie Lvovsky (Monique)
World Sales:Pyramide Films, France T. +33 1 4296 0220 F. +33 1 4020 0551
Production Design:Anna Falguères
Production:CHAZ Productions, France Τ. +33 9 7361 0274
Production Country:France
Co-production:France 3 Cinéma (France), Artemis Productions (Belgium)
Format:DCP Color
Production Year:2015
Jour de la Francophonie – TV5Monde

Screening Schedule
OLYMPION:Tuesday, November 10, 2015 - 23:00 | ID:417
FRIDA LIAPPA:Thursday, November 12, 2015 - 20:30 | ID:646
FRIDA LIAPPA:Sunday, November 15, 2015 - 23:00 | ID:947