Lírio Ferreira

1990 Sístoles e Diástoles(short)
1991 O Crime da Imagem (short)
1992 Duoelo (short)
1992 O Elástico (short)
1995 That’s a Lero-Lero (short)
1997 Baile Perfumado
2000 Assombrações do Recife Antigo (short)
2005 Árido Movie
2006 Cartola
2008 O Homem que Engarrafava Nuvens
2009 Inclusive (short)
2014 Sangue Azul/Blue Blood

He was born in Recife in 1965. A graduate in journalism from the University of Pernambuco, he became interested in directing while in college and won various awards for his feature debut Baile Perfumado (1997), which premiered at the Toronto IFF. His second feature, Árido Movie (2005), was part of the Official Selection at the Venice IFF. Blue Blood is his third fiction feature film.

Open Horizons

Blue Blood / Lírio Ferreira

Living in an idyllic island paradise, ten-year-old Pedro is separated from his sister Raquel because their mother fears a forbidden attraction between the siblings. Against his will, the boy is sent away to the mainland where he joins a travelling circus. Growing up among a colourful family of circus performers, Pedro transforms into a legendary figure called Zolah, the Cannon Man. On a circus tour, Zolah – now grown into a handsome and seductive man – returns to the mystical island he was forced to leave behind. Trying to reconnect with his past, he longs for the forbidden love of his lost childhood.

Director:Lírio Ferreira
Script:Lirio Ferreira, Phelipe Barbosa, Sérgio Oliveira
Cinematography:Mauro Pinheiro Junior
Editing:Mair Tavares, Tina Saphira
Sound:Valéria Ferro, Roberto Ferraz
Costumes:Juliana Prysthon
With:Daniel de Oliveira (Zolah), Caroline Abras (Raquel), Sandra Corveloni (Rosa), Rômulo Braga (Cangulo)
World Sales:Picture Tree International GmbH, Germany Τ. +49 30 4208 248-0 www.
Production Design:Renato Ciasca
Producer:Renato Ciasca
Production:Drama Filmes, Brazil Τ. +55 11 38151905
Production Country:Brazil
Co-production:Beluga Produções, Telecine, DOT
Format:DCP Color-B&W
Production Year:2014
Awards :
Best Film, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor –
Rio de Janeiro IFF 2015, Brazil
Screening Schedule
PAVLOS ZANNAS:Friday, November 06, 2015 - 22:00 | ID:027
PAVLOS ZANNAS:Wednesday, November 11, 2015 - 12:45 | ID:523