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Greek Films

At a critical time for Greek cinema which is marked by an intense optimism, the result of the recent international successes of Greek filmmakers, as well as by deep concerns for the future and the difficulties facing Greek film production, the Thessaloniki International Film Festival presents “Greek Films 2010”. The Thessaloniki International Film Festival, faithful to its role, stands by the side of Greek filmmakers with all the means at its disposal. Which is why this year – taking into account the special circumstances that have developed in view of the change in the legislative framework – it has decided to give the widest forum possible to the directors who have entrusted it with their films. This year’s “Greek Films” segment is screening all the films that responded to the Festival’s call for participation, in an effort to support and promote Greek films. The Festival presents the diverse dynamics of Greek cinema – acclaimed and experienced directors who are returning with their new films, and newcomers bringing their first works, experimenting through new media and forms. An important change lies in the fact that, for the first time this year, format limitations have been done away with. As a result, filmmakers who choose digital equipment in order to shoot their films can still enter them in the main corpus of the Greek program. This development gives the opportunity to young directors, whose films may have a smaller budget or a different cinematic approach, to show their work to the Thessaloniki public and the international film community. By the same token, established filmmakers who have chosen, in recent years, to make digital films, are making their presence felt again this year with their latest works. At the same time, through the development activities of the Festival’s Agora (Balkan Fund, Crossroads and Works-in-Progress), major Greek film directors who are in the preparation stage of their new films have the opportunity to pitch their new ideas, to develop collaborations with professionals from Greece and abroad, and to secure the means and partnerships necessary for the to complete their new projects. Finally, in the Open Forum entitled “Greek Cinema Beyond Its Borders”, the young Greek filmmakers who, in the past few years, have left their mark on the international film scene, will be able to exchange views and experiences, but also to cultivate a fruitful dialogue on the present and future of Greek cinema. The common ground shared by the people working in the Greek film industry is that their efforts all aim at the greater and more substantial development of Greek cinema within and beyond its borders. The common link between the efforts and actions of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival is that they aim at its greater and more substantial contribution in that direction.

Eleni Androutsopoulou
Greek Program Coordinator



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