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Youth Screen

1.  Annie & Boo / Johannes Weiland, Germany
2.  Cyber / Stefan Eling, Germany
3.  Delivery / Till Nowak, Germany
4.  Drawing Line / Heykung Jung
5.  Ego sum Alpha et Omega / Jan-Peter Meier, Germany
6.  Jam Session / Izabela Plucinska, Germany
7.  Lovesick / Spela Cadez, Germany
8.  No Room for Gerold / Daniel Nocke, Germany
9.  Sprout / Anne Breymann, Germany
10.  The Message / Raimund Krumme, Germany
11.  The Raft / Jan Thuring, Germany
12.  The Runt / Andreas Hykade, Germany
13.  Where Is Frank? / Angela Jedek, Germany
14.  Window with a View / Vera Lalyko, Germany
15.  Woman Below the Ice / Alla Churikova

Youth Screen

The 51st Thessaloniki International Film Festival, in conjunction with the Goethe-Institut Thessaloniki, presents three screening cycles under the general title Short & Sweet III. The films are intended for elementary and high school students and offer an overview of the output and the developments in German Animation between 2000 and 2007, while they also possess a distinct artistic nature. Contrary to the animation films produced by Walt Disney, Pixar or Dreamworks, companies which emphasize a unified production design rather than the participation of numerous artists, the films screened in these programs for teenagers focus on individual and modernist creations. The artists showcased here not only breathe life into different materials, dolls and drawings, but also create whole new worlds that differ according to the way they have been formed, based on a wide range of filming techniques.

In conjunction with Co-organized Υποστηρικτής επικοινωνίας



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